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What is the difference between brushless motor and brushless motor?(Hits:) 
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There are brush motors and brushless motors in the motor, so what's the difference between them?
There are two kinds of brush motors: high speed brush motor and low speed brush motor. High speed motor with brush (over 3000r/min) adopts two-stage gear deceleration, high torque and strong power (e.g. windlass principle). Brush low-speed motor has small torque, gearless transmission, low noise, and speed is only about 400 r/min (e.g. fan motor principle). The cost of high-speed motor is about 200 yuan higher than that of low-speed motor.
Brushless low-speed motors need electronic commutation circuit, stability transfer to the controller, no maintenance, no wear, no noise; but the start has jitter, heavy weight, the controller is vulnerable to damage, similar to the internal structure of brushless low-speed motors, copper loss, iron loss, no power riding. Brushless high-speed motor industry standards stipulate that the speed should reach more than 3500r/min, using two-stage gear deceleration, motor efficiency can reach more than 90%. At present, there is no such motor in China.