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Judging the good or bad of treadmill motor(Hits:) 
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The treadmill is a kind of common household fitness equipment. It is generally divided into mechanical treadmill and electric treadmill. The principle of mechanical treadmill is very simple. It uses the friction force between the sole and the running belt to drive the running of mechanical treadmill. Runners work very hard on this kind of treadmill, so this kind of treadmill has gradually faded out in the market. Instead, we often see electric treadmills.
Electric treadmill is also divided into two kinds, one is DC electric treadmill, the other is AC electric treadmill. Generally speaking, domestic treadmill is more made of DC motor. Because DC motor has less power than AC motor, its power is weaker than commercial treadmill, while commercial treadmill uses AC motor, the power of AC motor is larger, and the power of AC motor is stronger. Strength, advanced AC treadmill adopts frequency conversion technology to control the speed of motor, so as to further control the speed of treadmill.
The motor is the heart of the treadmill and an important part to drive the running of the treadmill. A good motor determines the performance and grade of the treadmill. So how do we judge whether the motor of the treadmill is good or bad?
First of all, check the traction power of the motor, you can set the speed of the treadmill to the lowest speed, the lowest speed of the treadmill is generally 0.3-0.8KM/H. At this time, stand at the back of the treadmill and let the running belt drive the body forward until the front of the treadmill. At this time, the running belt runs normally, without shaking, offset and stagnation. Then you can try to step on the running belt with all your strength to see if the running belt is stagnated by stepping on. If there is no stagnation, the motor power is still very strong.
Next, you can open the end cover of the treadmill and check the motor of the treadmill. Generally speaking, the size of the motor is large, its power is relatively large, and the corresponding quality will be better. At the same time, check whether the motor is a numerical control motor? Only CNC motor can accurately adjust the speed of the treadmill and ensure the control ability of the treadmill. At the same time look at the insulation level of the motor, because the heat generated by the motor in the running process is very large, if the insulation level of the motor is low, there will be insulation damage and heat burnout. Therefore, it is generally required that the insulation level of the motor of the treadmill be F or above. The motor of the insulation level of F has a temperature detection system. When the temperature exceeds the set temperature, the inside of the motor will be damaged. There are fans running automatically to cool down, so the temperature of F-class motor can be basically constant at about 40 degrees.
In short, to judge whether the treadmill's motor is good or bad, try these two more effective methods. If the motor of the household treadmill is selected correctly, the quality of the treadmill will not be poor. Combined with the price judgment of the treadmill, we can select a treadmill that is more suitable for you.