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The 13th Shenzhen International Exhibition of Small Electrical Machinery and Electrical Machinery Industry and Magnetic Materials in 2015(Hits:) 
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Exhibition time: May 26-28, 2015
Exhibition venue: Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center
The scale of the exhibition: 350 exhibitors, 15,000 square meters of exhibition area, 12,000 people visited and purchased
Guangdong Zhizhan Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Hong Kong Zhizhan International Co., Ltd.
Academic Committee on Amorphous Materials
Asian NdFeB Association
Guangdong Magnetism Materials Industry Association
Key cooperation units:
Branch of Fractional Horsepower Motor of China Electrical Appliance Industry Association
China Electronic Components Industry Association Electronic Transformer Branch
Japan Electrical Machinery Industry Association
Japan Energy Rate Association
American Association of Electrical Machinery and Operating Machinery
German Association of Manufacturers of Electrical and Electronic Products
Korea Electrical Machinery Industry Revitalization Conference
Concurrent conferences and exhibitions:
Shenzhen International Power Supply Industry and Electronic Transformer Exhibition 2015
Shenzhen International Exhibition of Functional Materials, Rare Earth Materials and Applications in 2015
2015 China International Forum on Electronic Transformer Manufacturing Technology
2015 International Forum on the Development of Amorphous Materials and Technical Exchange
Exhibition introduction
Shenzhen International Small Electric Machinery and Electrical Machinery Industry, Magnetic Material Exhibition is jointly created by Guangdong Wisdom Exhibition Co., Ltd. (member of UFI China) and several authoritative organizations around the world. It is held in Shenzhen, China every year. It has been successfully held for twelve sessions so far. It is one of the two major motor and magnetic material industry events in China, and also an important platform for small motor and magnetic material purchasing in the world. The 13th Exhibition will continue to be held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center from May 26 to 28, 2015. Unlike in the past, the exhibition has strengthened cooperation with developed countries such as Europe, America, Japan and Korea, organized well-known overseas motor and magnetic materials enterprises to participate in the exhibition in China, and assisted the organizers of the exhibition to invite more global buyers.
Last review
A total of 316 domestic and foreign enterprises participated in the last exhibition, covering an area of more than 12,000 square meters. Nearly 11,000 professional audiences from 15 countries and regions visited the exhibition. Among them, 897 overseas audiences, accounting for 8.9% of the total number of visitors (detailed data can be downloaded from the official website [post-exhibition report 2014]), have become one of the most influential motor and magnetic materials exchange events in the Asian market. During the three-day exhibition, many well-known enterprises, such as Samsung, LG, Canon, Epson, Philips, Foxconn, BYD Automobile, Mei Group, Gree Electric Appliances, Grands, Welling Electric Machinery and so on, visited and purchased, which attracted widespread attention and praise from the industry.
Why choose Shenzhen International Motor and Magnetic Material Exhibition?
1) Get important potential customers
The number of visitors to the last exhibition reached 11,000. Among them, 897 foreign visitors received 350 valuable user cards per exhibitor on average. More than 60% of exhibitors had turnover on site, and the professionalism of the exhibition was widely recognized.
2) Understanding cutting-edge technologies and obtaining the most valuable market information
Each session of the exhibition organizers will invite many well-known experts at home and abroad to hold industry summit forums. They will give keynote speeches on the overall development situation and future development trend of the motor and magnetic materials industry in the past year, so that the audience and exhibitors can get the latest industry information and key market information. In addition, more than ten new product and new technology conferences will be arranged at each exhibition site, so that you can fully understand the latest developments of competitors. (Detailed conference agenda will be released three months before the exhibition, please pay attention to the official website of the exhibition: www.motor-expo.cn)
3) The Perfect Place for Corporate Image Display
Shenzhen, the host city of the exhibition, is a high-tech industrial base in South China. The Pearl River Delta region is also the center of global industrial transfer and manufacturing industry. The manufacturing industries of motor, automobile, electronics, communication, computer, power supply, transformer, household appliances and automation equipment are developed, and there is huge domestic demand for small motors and magnetic materials. After more than ten years of development, Shenzhen International Motor and Magnetic Material Exhibition has become a brand event that industry users must visit through various channels of promotion and coverage. The exhibition has produced a large number of people flow, information flow, plus the invisible effect of word-of-mouth communication. It is absolutely the most economical and effective place for exhibitors to display their image and publicize their brands.
Scope of Exhibits
All kinds of motor products: micro-motor, small and medium-sized motor, fractional horsepower motor, stepping motor, servo motor, and other motor products and new technologies.
All kinds of motor manufacturing and testing equipment: winding machine, magnetizing machine, spot welding machine, punching machine, motor drive control system device, all kinds of motor design software, system.
All kinds of motor accessories: bearings, commutators, stators, rotors, fans, sensors, electronic components, etc.
_Various kinds of permanent magnetic materials, soft magnetic materials, amorphous materials, insulation materials, electromagnetic wires, etc.
_Various kinds of magnetic material products and production testing equipment: dry powder press, sintering furnace, mixer, ball mill, cutting machine, coating equipment, slicer, laser particle size analyzer, X-ray fluorescence analyzer, etc.
All kinds of raw materials and auxiliary materials
Scope of invitations to key audiences
Motors, coils, power equipment, power supply, transformers, household and industrial appliances, automotive electronics, electro-acoustic components, radiators, machine tools, moulds, industrial automation equipment, office automation equipment, general equipment, mobile phones, digital products, IT, electric tools, toys, wires and cables, instrumentation, furniture intelligent equipment, medical equipment, fitness equipment, lamps, Aerospace Military equipment, printing, packaging machinery, application industry associations, importers and exporters, and various types of scientific research personnel.
Registration for the exhibition has officially begun. For more information and consultation, please