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Hub motor will become the mainstream application trend of new energy vehicles(Hits:) 
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Hub motor technology and application change traditional automotive transmission system through subversive innovation. It has been widely concerned in the new energy automotive industry. It is recognized as the mainstream development trend of new energy automotive driving technology in the future, and its industrialization development prospects are tremendous.
Hub motor will become the mainstream application trend of new energy vehicles
On March 3, the New Energy Vehicle Investment Strategy Meeting, co-sponsored by Gaogong Lithium Electricity and Yangtze Securities, was held at Marco Polo Hotel in Futian, Shenzhen. The meeting was attended by nearly 200 investors, securities dealers and business leaders of the new energy vehicle industry chain.
At this meeting, Xu Dong, Director of Business Development in Protean China, highlighted the development status and future trends of hub motors.
Driving system is divided into centralized drive and distributed drive. Traditional internal combustion engines and motors are driven by centralized drive. A complete driving system is formed by a complex and fine transmission system, including clutch, transmission, transmission shaft, differential and actuator.
The hub motor adopts distributed drive, which integrates drive, transmission and braking devices into the hub, omitting clutch, transmission, transmission shaft, differential and actuator.
Xu Dong introduced that the advantages of hub motor are reflected in seven aspects: A. using the inner space of hub to enhance the freedom of vehicle layout design; B. high integration to achieve low floor and integrated electric chassis, bridge design and application program; C. integrated modularization to facilitate the design of general vehicle platform, lightweight vehicle; D. distributed vehicle electronic drive control, and realize dynamic driving characteristics diversity. E. The vehicle system has the best efficiency and energy saving; F. the whole set of high power and safety performance redundancy; g. Supporting the efficient plug-in hybrid electric vehicle model transformation to reduce the cost of vehicle project development, components and production line.
At present, hub motors are still facing some challenges in the field of electric vehicles, including the corresponding adaptation of tyre hub and matching hub bearings; innovative application scheme of friction braking system; chassis system and so on, which have corresponding adjustment or new design to adapt to the NVH adjustment and vehicle handling solutions caused by the change of mass under springs after the adoption of hub motors; It also includes the solution of electronic differential control and the development of four-wheel distributed drive vehicle control strategy through the distribution of torque vector.